Maserati Sites and Partner Links

Links to Maserati Sites

The Official Maserati Factory Site– U.S., Italy – commemorative history site of the greatest F1 driver of all time!

Maserati Resource Center – England (George Perfect)

Maserati Club Holland – Holland

Deutscher Maserati Club – Germany

Maserati Club Switzerland – Switzerland

Maserati Khamsin Registry – USA

Ivan Ruiz’ “CarNut” Site – USA – for reference on Maserati GT cars

Maserati Club of Australia – Australia

Mille Miglia  – Every year about a dozen Historic Maseratis  take place in Italy’s most famous historic race. The original inspiration for our own humble Maser Miglia. – the personal site of member Tony Cazzaza. A lot of depth of knowledge on his favorite topic – Maserati’s latest convertible!

Maserati Vendor’s Sites:

Carrozzeria Campana – the factory authorized supplier of “traditional” OEM  Maserati parts. They purchased all the Maserati factory back stock of pre-1982 cars in 1995.– one of the best resources for finding obscure Maserati stuff & (occasionally) cars. TMC members receive a club discount for selling their cars online. Call eBay @(800)968-4444/ext.235 for details.

Hemmings Motor News – one of the best resources for finding cars – Used & Rebuilt Biturbo parts from TMC member Lenny Celiberti out on the Left Coast. – Jacques Pozzo di Borgo’s GT car parts site in L.A. – vintage Maserati sales & service vendor of mechanical parts for GT and Biturbo.