California Chapter of The Maserati Club

The Maserati Club (TMC) is focused on the cars and their stories. The club is a unique combination of cognoscente, restorers, and those who simply appreciate the marque. The club is for those who revel in the diverse history of Maserati. Over the years each of the famous Italian design houses has worked for Maserati.

Racing, Grand Touring, and the latest generation of Ghibli’s, Quattroporte’s and GT’s tie the members together. In addition to the annual Paso Robles wine country trip the club will have driving tours in the southern California mountains, wine tours in northern California, and a rally to Palm Springs
along with and joint events with other Italian exotic car clubs.

Each year we add events to support the members interest. Our Palm Springs and Pismo weekends sold-out so sign-up early. This year we’ll be adding an event in Sonoma. Events have included architectural tours, restoration tours, and even WW-I aircraft so come join the fun.

Events will also include tech support days and new model arrivals. The
club leverages the Maserati collection at RIAM for dinners and seminars. These are great times to own a Maser, the excitement is growing, the club is thriving, and we look forward to a great Concorso Italiano each year.

Our club is dedicated to the following goals:
We serve as a resource for Maserati news, history, and technical data. We encourage camaraderie and debate amongst enthusiasts. We assist members in locating Maserati cars, parts, and service. We increase awareness of the “House of Trident”.

The Maserati Club of California

Membership fees are $80
TMC: California Chapter
PO Box 1150
Poway, CA 92074
Contact: Philip Yanni